Preform Head

Wire strand and rope preformers are manufactured in various configurations depending on the requirements.

• Single or multiple strand adjustments for maximum flexibility
• Available for various wire diameters
• Quick set-up time
• Manufactured for use with various wire configurations
• Hardened & Tempered rollers for higher wear characteristics

In addition, our wide range of range of raw material handling products includes: tube straighteners, wire guides and tube guides, tube feeders and wire feeders or drive units, cable straighteners, strip and flat wire straighteners, custom built feeding machines, straightening rolls, preform heads, sleeve rolls for high speed and high temperature applications, computerised wire straightener and tube straightener adjustment systems, and Witels Albert proprietary software packages that allow for automatic or semi-automatic positioning of rollers and other components.

Bar Products & Services also offer a range of straightening rollers and wire guides to compliment the preform head unit.

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